Gina and I walk/jog in the mornings. We’re not going to win any races soon but we’re happy to be active.This morning we were especially focused and intense and we really didn’t talk about anything at all. We were sweaty, out of breath, raising our heart rates — just getting the work in. 

We’ve decided we don’t want mornings like that. We want to have good conversations and greater enjoyment in the morning walk/jog. It’s ok for us to get our heart rate up and to put the work in, but that’s not really all the morning walk is about. We’re doing this activity together so we can be healthier AND enjoy being together. It’s for us and our relationship.

We are carrying this same attitude into our work. The season of having a listing that sells with multiple offers in 4 hours is over. The sprint from going on the market and being closed within 30 days total is most likely not going to occur like it did 2 years ago. It will happen once in a while for homes that are in elite condition. But as a rule, it is taking a longer time to sell homes. The process of working with buyers and sellers is going to take longer and that’s ok. It’s going to give us a chance to remember we’re in this work to take care of others, take care of ourselves, and build healthy relationships.  

Hopefully, we, as a culture, are coming back to a pace and a mindset of it’s ok if we take a little longer and enjoy ourselves in the process. I hope you’ll join us in this mindset.

Thank you for trusting us with your family. We look forward to the next time we run into you. 


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February’s Numbers for Clermont 34711

The story the numbers tell me this month is the shrinkage in number of homes sold in the past 2 months. I interpret that in 2 ways: buyers are waiting for either interest rates to come down or values to come down. However, homeowners with a 2-4% interest rate on their mortgage are not even thinking about selling their homes. Therefore inventory remains low, prices remain stable, and buyers are getting no relief. 

Lydia’s Corner

What can you do about the inside of your home? We tend to get used to our home’s condition after we live there for a while, and we begin to overlook things that others notice right away. So, ask a friend to come over and view your home as a potential buyer would. Realize they may tell you some things you don’t want to hear, but take those comments to heart. Any improvements that you make before you go on the market can lead to you receiving a higher selling price.  

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17117 Gathering Place Cir, Clermont, Florida 34711

2 living spaces, an office, no direct rear neighbors, a large covered patio, and more!

3 beds/2.5 baths  

2,670 SQFT  


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