Supporting Local Charities

We Love Clermont

That’s why we’re proud to partner local charities like the Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation. 

We donate $100 from every closing on our client’s behalf to this charity (or to another charity of their choosing).

Read on below to learn more about how these charities are making Clermont a better place.

Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation

The Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation’s vision is for “all affected families in the greater Clermont community to have access to healthcare support and the opportunity for a meaningful and enjoyable family life experience”. Their mission “is to create a less stressful and more purposeful day-to-day life and family experience for area patients, by providing limited financial aid and support focused on reducing the day to day stresses that Cancer has on patients, their families and caregivers”. They are a 501(c)(3) foundation supported by local businesses, organizations, individuals, and fundraising events. They are 100% volunteer staffed and 100% of granted funds are given to qualified applicants in the local area. 

For more information or to get involved, visit http://www.gccf.us/ or call 352-435-3202.