Home values are holding steady and will most likely increase this spring. Here is the evidence: 

Interest rates peaked in October 2023 at 7.5% and have been coming down.  Last week, a buyer with a 780 credit score secured a mortgage under 7%. Getting interest rates in the 6’s this spring should improve buyer morale and compel some buying that has been delayed by higher interest rates.

We have 180 homes for sale in 34711 and in the last 6 months (the slowest part of the year) we sold 470 homes.  January has the fewest closings each year as very few people are shopping for homes in December,  March typically has the most closings each year. Therefore, our supply of homes for sale will shrink this spring.  Fewer homes available to buyers will cause them to compete with each other.

Most telling, in the last 20 days, Gina and I have done 12 consultations that represent 18 future transactions (selling and buying).  We’ve never produced 12 clients and 18 potential transactions in a 3 week period.We are interpreting this as a strong signal from the market that there is an appetite to buy greater than there was this time last year. 

If our market indicators remain in the direction in which they are projecting, your home should appreciate in value in the next 6 months. If you want more information or more specific data, feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to talk it up like a bunch of Real Estate nerds.


January’s Numbers for Clermont 34711

There can be large fluctuations in numbers from month to month. The numbers below regarding previous owned homes and 55+ homes are deceiving. Those markets remained relatively flat in 2023. But new construction soared in pricing these last 18 months and the numbers below reveal it.

Lydia’s Corner

  Ensure curb appeal by making sure the outside of your home is well-maintained and inviting!  Perhaps the front door is looking a little worse for wear. Does your home have shutters?  Are they dirty or have they become a little faded? A fresh coat of paint will do wonders, and trimming up the bushes, mowing the lawn, adding fresh mulch, or even planting some colorful flowers will make your home stand out! Don’t let a potential buyer do a driveby without stopping, just because they don’t like the outside!

Check out Our Listings to view all of our team’s homes for sale.

17117 Gathering Place Cir, Clermont, Florida 34711

2 living spaces, an office, no direct rear neighbors, a large covered patio, and more!

3 beds/2.5 baths  

2,670 SQFT  


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