The Best Time to Buy and Sell a Home in Central Florida

When’s the best time to buy or sell a home in Central Florida?

There are different seasons during the year that are better for buying and selling. 

The Best Time to Buy a Home

For buyers, the best time is in the fall.

First, there is less buyer competition – families with children in school are usually not looking to move in the fall.

Second, and in our opinion the most beneficial, is that closing costs are lower for a buyer in November and December. This is because of fixed and variable closing costs. Fixed costs include loan fees, appraisal fees, and title fees. Variable costs include HOA and property tax prorations. So, if a buyer closes later in the year, they only pay property taxes and HOA fees for the time they own it that calendar year. Since property tax bills are paid later in the fall, that’s less money a buyer has to account for in their closing costs. 

The Best Time to Sell a Home

For selling a home, spring is the best season.

For the last 7+ years, we’ve seen property values rise every year in the spring.

Buyers “spring” into action in January and fuel our market through Spring Break. Then, after Easter, the people who want to move during the summer (between semesters of school) come out to buy their home.

If we were to choose the two best weeks of the year to put your home on the market, we would choose the third week of January and the week after Easter. 

Sometimes the “Best” Timing Isn’t Possible

Every family is different, and sometimes timing things to be the “best” time isn’t possible.

Hopefully, this month’s newsletter gave you some insight into how seasons play into your next home sale or purchase.

We’re here to serve you any time of the year – give us a call!

Third Quarter 2022 Clermont, FL Market Update

Last quarter, the number of homes listed for sale was down 8% over July – September 2021. As of October 3rd, there are 206 single-family homes for sale in 34711 and 141 homes under contract. Last month we saw interest rates go above 6% resulting in buyers being more budget-conscious on the home they choose to buy and homes taking longer to sell. 

Clermont, FL (34711) Q3 2022 vs 2021: Year-over-year comparison of number of new listings, days until contract, median sold price, and average 30-year mortgage interest rate.

Check out Our Listings to view all of our team’s homes for sale.

4255 Caplock St Clermont, FL 34711

4 beds/2.5 baths | $625,000

Coming soon! Immaculate 2-story home in Hunters Run with 3-car garage and first-floor owner’s suite.

10410 Lake Hasson Cir Clermont, FL 34711

4 beds/2 baths | $385,000

Lovely home nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Windscape with vaulted ceilings and a newer roof (2020).

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